Social Security Update

February 23, 2022

Social Security Update

You may have missed it, but there’s been a change recently with Social Security statements.  You know, that government program which provides supplemental retirement income to most retirees in America...  THE source of income which might make the difference between survival or having enough money for heat in the winter.

Well, your statements have recently changed with a bit of a re-fresh making them only 2 pages.  Each year, we’d recommend that you take a couple minutes to download your social security statements since most of us no longer get a physical copy by mail.  It’s easy and painless, not to mention super-important to confirm that your wages were accurately reported each tax year.  Here’s the link to get started: 

HANG ON!  Before you dismiss this as some boring content that you don’t need to pay attention to yet, or mistakenly think that it does not apply to you…  Social Security provided for 64 MILLION retirement, survivor and disability beneficiaries in 2019.  It will most certainly impact you and / or people you love and care about in the future.  

For anyone interested in better understanding Social Security at a layman’s level, including any “naysayers” or “negative Nancy’s” who subscribe to and may even spread the rumors about Social Security not being there when it’s their time to collect, there was a presentation created just for you in 2020; it’s still relevant… 


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