Fiscal Wellness Training for Law Enforcement Professionals shouldn't stop with retirement.

Evolution involves change. The pace of change is increasing.

Officer wellness programs, a newer trend in the history of policing, didn't exist decades ago. But what if they did?

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Your police family deserves better. With a passion for serving, we can help the profession advance together.

Today's First Responders can benefit from practical knowledge to better prepare themselves for life after police work. This "after" is where we believe many officer wellness programs fall short. Your Lindenberg Financial team can work with you to tailor educational presentations and disseminate content, such as our proprietary tools, to support your agency personnel through various career stages, including how to get organized for the retirement transition.

Your Future

Helping you and your families plan for your future is our priority. We strive to learn more about your situation, understand your dreams and goals, and allow you to craft a vision regarding setting goals. We build long-term relationships that encourage communication while grounding our planning recommendations in facts; this has been a cornerstone of our success.

Please enjoy our educational videos, articles, slideshows, and calculators, which have been designed to help you learn more about the work that we do. As you search our site, please send us a note with questions about any particular investment concepts or financial tools. We'll get back to you quickly with a thoughtful answer.

Get Organized

Aligning your finances with your goals is crucial for securing a comfortable retirement. That's why everything starts with organization and getting the financial facts out on the table.  Although we've created a lot of intellectual property and tools to help our relationships better plan for their future, several of them can quickly help you today. Here are a few favorites from our team:


Income Prioritizer

"CAN I AFFORD TO RETIRE?" is usually met with a question about your household's monthly cash-flow needs, as an advisor might ask, "How much do you bring home or live on per month today?". This tool helps you get to an answer quickly and easily. 

Income Prioritizer

Vision Timeline 

Decision-making is easier when we have a roadmap for our future. This tool is powerful in that it blends logic with vision-setting and goal planning. 

Vision Timeline

The Blue Sheet Checklist

 As you approach retirement in the next couple of years. This tool can help you stay organized and on track as you count down the months, weeks and days in preparation for leaving the career. 

The Blue Sheet Checklist

Odds are, the only agency training you received on the topic of money was HR Day. You know, when you were first hired and did the paperwork for payroll and benefits? Do you remember what you signed up for and why? Perhaps your parents, academy peers, or a fellow officer (instructor) guided you or suggested different selections were a good idea?

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Thankfully, Officer Wellness programs have been increasing in popularity throughout the country. But in the eyes of our experienced professionals who are uniquely focused on serving police, one pillar continues to fall short in most all agency wellness teachings. PERSONAL FINANCE.

Few programs are designed by people who are formally educated and have knowledge of police work. In many ways, years of general distrust for the public have held the police profession back from receiving qualified guidance from outsiders, but what professional credentials and real-life experience do your agency insiders have on this topic?

Criminal Justice (CJ) students understand that there’s a subculture within police work; it’s heavily researched by academia. CJ curriculums don’t generally have components of accounting and finance, and your profession is also typically one of youth, with few life lessons concerning finances before employment.

Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Agency Leaders partner with us because they see the opportunity to become part of a long-term subculture shift to improve the lives of those who serve. 

We’re forward-thinking. We blend textbook science with the art of communication. We speak your language and earn your trust daily by making a difference.

 Contact Us about tailoring a live or virtual presentation for your agency. Communication is our strength, and we can speak to the priorities of any age/tenure/rank or demographic within your profession.

How can we improve your leadership development and training program? 

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