Fiscal Wellness Training for Law Enforcement Professionals

Practical teachings created by a board Certified Financial Planning Professional™  with decades of experience helping police families with personal finance.

Let's make a difference. Together. 

Let's make a difference. Together. 

When was that course on personal finance taught in the academy?  Does it appear in Criminal Justice curriculums? Can you recall the last time you had in-service training to help you get your financial house in order?  

Odds are, the closest your agency has gotten to the topic of money is HR Day when you were first hired and introduced to agency sponsored benefits and filling out your W-4. Do you remember what you signed up for, specifically? (and why?) Perhaps your parents, academy peers or a fellow officer (instructor) suggested it was a good idea?

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Thankfully, Officer Wellness programs have been increasing in popularity throughout the country. But in the eyes of our experienced professionals who uniquely focused on serving police, there’s one pillar which continues to fall short in most all agency wellness teachings.  …. PERSONAL FINANCE.

Few programs are designed by people who are formally educated, and have knowledge of police work. In many ways, years of general distrust for the public have held the police profession back from receiving qualified guidance from outsiders; but what professional credentials  and real-life experience do your agency insiders have on this topic?

Criminal Justice (CJ) students understand that there’s a subculture within police work; it’s heavily researched by academia. CJ curriculums don’t generally have components of accounting and finance and your profession is also generally one of youth, with few of life’s lessons with respect to finances prior to employment. 

Leaders partner with us because they see the opportunity to become part of long-term subculture shift to improve the lives of those who serve. They support what will become a multi-generational movement to help the career we love, our brothers and sisters behind the badge, their families… Not just get to get on track, but to help those who follow in our footsteps better get ahead with respect to personal finance and having financial security.

We’re forward thinking. We blend textbook science with the art of communication. We speak your language and we earn your trust each and every day by making a difference.

Contact us about tailoring a live or virtual presentation for your agency and future leaders. We can speak to any age / tenure / rank or demographic within your profession.


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